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I’ve been driving for 18 years and now I have to start all over

*Old man voice* Back in my day, when you turned 14 you were able to apply for your driving permit.  This let you drive with a licensed driver present in the car.  In order to get this permit, you had to pass a multiple choice test.  You could miss up to 7 questions and still be allowed to get your permit. 

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4 Days in Berlin

Back when Facebook was The Facebook and was cool and not evil and was only something people at cool colleges could use and not something used to spy on everyone, it was a trendy thing to play around with the Relationship Status feature.  I was in a fake Facebook relationship for several months.  Girls (it was almost always two girls, likely in a sorority, and likely from ‘Chicago’), would try to be cheeky and say that ‘It’s Complicated’ with one of their other girl friends.  I’m nearly certain that the ‘It’s Complicated’ option has never been used to describe an actual relationship.

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WTF is Gaelic Football?

Americans, by now, understand that in Europe, soccer is called football. You’ve undoubtedly heard one of your friends or acquaintances (not you, of course, you’re too cultured for this) refer to soccer in Europe as football, but when they do, they usually put on an accent that I guess is supposed to be ‘European’ but comes off as sounding more Ecuadoran as they pronounce it fut-bol.

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