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I made Marcella Hazan’s Pasta Sauce and lived to write about it

My girlfriend and I have what we call Pasta Fridays.  This traditionally (it’s a tradition even though we’ve only been doing it for the 3 months we’ve lived together) involves making a pasta dish for dinner, lots of wine, and chocolate for dessert while we watch old episodes of Top Chef.  Oh the exciting lives we lead.

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The Definitive Rankings of Seinfeld Seasons

Neil Armstrong.  Amelia Earhart.  Sirs Francis Drake and Edmund Hillary.  These are some of the bravest people in the history of the world.  Trailblazers that have dared to be the first.  The first to step on the moon, the first to fly or to sail around the world.  The first to climb the highest peak this precious planet Earth has to offer.

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The Mock Draft of Mock Drafts…Part 1

There are, roughly, 3,321,213,094 mock drafts available to read right now, on these very inter webs.  There are one round mock drafts, and seven round mock drafts.  There are pre-combine mock drafts, and post-combine mock drafts.  If you can think of a type of mock draft, chances are there is one out there.  But this, my friends, this is the first of its kind.

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Guns, Guns Everywhere

There’s always a pattern to the news after a mass shooting in America, and I usually tend to just tone it out because it’s become so redundant and predictable: lots of ‘thoughts and prayers’, lots of people calling for gun control laws, lots of people saying its too soon to politicize an event, and after a few days, it all days down because some new shiny object catches our attention.

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