LeBron > Trump, and wasting time on the obvious

Congratulations everyone.  You did it.  All the quote tweets, all the official statements, the press releases, they were all worth it.  It’s now a proven fact:  LeBron James > Donald Trump.

I know there is an obsession with Trump’s tweets.  And I know there is equally a stand of liberals that get angry at the distraction and obsession of the media with Trump’s tweets.  But this weekend, when Trump tweeted some shit implying both LeBron and Don Lemon are stupid, athlete Twitter and liberal twitter crossed paths and everyone got up in arms because Trump said some racist shit.  BFD, Trump always says some racist shit.

We need to quit focussing on what he says, and tweets, and instead focus on what he, and his administration, are doing.  I realize this might be hard.  Words do matter, and the words of the President of the United States have the power to move markets, and to start wars.  But the words of this President don’t mean shit.  We all know what he is, and what his supporters are, and so there is no need to keep pointing this out every time he proves us right.

I don’t give a fuck that he thinks Don Lemon and LeBron James are dumb.  I could have guessed that.  I don’t give a fuck that he says both sides are to blame.  Or that he says that he believes Vladimir Putin.  Or that he looks like someone you would not want to use the bathroom after and who would definitely blame the mess on someone else. 

I don’t care about any of that.

I care that Flint doesn’t have clean water.  I care about children being left alone in random ass facilities with nothing but an aluminum foil blanket.  I care about rich ass holes paying less in taxes this year, while poor people are getting denied health care.  I care that innocent people in Yemen are being murdered with the help of the US government and no one seems to even know about it, let along give a fuck enough to discuss it or ask a question about it.  I care that vehicle emissions standards have been wiped out.  I care that women don’t have access to adequate health care and their health care decisions are made by wrinkly, old white men who believe the clitoris is a myth.

Quote tweeting Donald Trump after he says something stupid is as worthless as offering thoughts and prayers after a mass shooting.  We demand better of our leaders, and we should demand better of ourselves.

Don’t focus on what’s being said.  Focus on what’s being done.

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