Limericks About Limerick

Last month we went to the city
The weather it was quite shitty
But the car made it there
with time to spare
and the town it looked so pretty.

She saw the car park first
when I saw it a smile burst
we pulled in the garage
it was no mirage
our spot it was not the worst

We walked out into the rain
The street it was not Main
we turned to the right
went for a quick bite
had to quell the hunger pain

Next up was shopping for J’s
need to see the right colorways
Foot Locker was there
the options were bare
my feet have seen better days.

My shopping now it was done
But I’m not the only one
who needed some clothes
so we looked through the rows
whoever said shopping was fun?

An Asian place we decided to eat
I really hope they cooked the meat
The dish it was nice
you can’t miss on fried rice
the ice cream was a sweet treat.

Next we’re off to Crescent
the parking it was not pleasant
visited lots of shops
the clothes all looked like mops
how quickly can we get to the exit?

On the road to visit her sister
She’s a little bit of a hipster
she lives near the college
where exactly? I ha’n’t the knowledge
got lost on the way, nearly missed her.

We brought along some donuts
they didn’t make us throw up
walked on the bridge that is living
for a tour Arita was giving
and now I regret I’m a grown up.

The car it made a tiny squeal
I thought, ‘oh shit is this real?’
A drop of coolant,
that oughta do it
We’re no longer stuck in Abbeyfeale

That was our trip to Limerick
it went by as quick as a whip
we didn’t buy squat
the car it is shot
the donuts finally made us sick.

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