Welcome to the inaugural post on the Norm Seat – popping our proverbial cherry.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to explain what to expect in terms of content. I suppose the first thing to state is that all of this is subject to change; as the About page explains, this site was founded on the concept of a seat in a bar (the best seat, but still), so what gets written about and discussed on here may sometimes feel like a conversation over several pints – we might start with basketball, tell a story about a recent trip we just took, and the next thing you know we’re knee deep in a story about that time I drove to the airport in record time (they say no one’s ever beaten the Van Wyck).

The main focus of the site, however, will be basketball. My plan is to write two columns (articles? posts?) each week on basketball (is that bi-weekly? I can never get that right). The idea behind the columns will be observations, thoughts, predictions, maybe some lukewarm (but always well reasoned, of course) takes on the NBA season as it unfolds. Being in Ireland and working a real job, I don’t get the opportunity to watch the games live. So the basketball articles will be a summation of what’s happened over the past few days.

Think of it like Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, but for basketball.

Outside of basketball, you’ll see some posts that are travel-related. These will be more hot-take-ish stories or thoughts that happen while traveling Ireland and the rest of Europe.

There’s always an opportunity for random posts and thoughts to show up here and there, but those will be the main points of the articles.

If you’ve got a story you want to share, or a bar argument of your own you want to discuss, shoot an email: thenormseat@gmail.com. I’m happy to be your Judge Judy.

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